Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4 Things The Modesty Priest Did Right

Shocking Bulletin Post Warns Women About The Dangers of Dressing Immodestly

Imagine the surprise! You're reading the Church bulletin, hoping for donuts after Mass, when you see Fr. John Lyons's weekly address to his parish.

Dear Parishioners,

At this time we most especially need to remind girls and women to not wear immodest low-cut dresses or blouses. Women and girls should be careful that their dress is not revealing at all, even when they bend over or kneel down. Maybe some women do not know that revealing clothing is a source of temptation for most men. If you doubt this, ask a man. If a woman knows that such is the case, and still she would wear such clothing, then she would be committing the sin of scandal.

The full immodesty post is a must read to get the full context. "Immodest Dress; A Priest Cries For Modesty!" This is unheard of in today's age of political correctness. Yet, what breath of fresh air. Upon reviewing Father's immodesty reprimand you see four absolutely must haves when one is called to admonish a sinner.

4 Things Fr. Lyons Did Right To Combat Immodesty

  1. He Publicly Took The Light To The Darkness.
    "At this time we most especially need to remind girls and women to not wear immodest low-cut dresses or blouses." When a coach sees a team makes a grave mistake, does he overlook it? Does he pretend the grave mistake is not there? Does he say, "Well, they don't know it is a mistake, so lets focus on something else." No, he doesn't.

    This next statement cannot be emphasized enough; a sin in the darkness will always stay in the darkness until light is shed upon it. Until the immodesty issue is publicly addressed this sin of immodesty will thrive in the darkness devouring poor little souls.
  2. He Used Charity.
    In no way was Father condescending. He eased his is way into the reprimand, relating how similar his role as a Priest is to parenting. Father put us all on common ground. Did you know it is an act of mercy to correct the sinner? Think about it, to admonish a sinner is one of the most charitable things you can do for your neighbor. Did you know being "nice," when rooted in fear, can be a sin?
  3. He Clearly Defined The Sin.
    Satan hates clear definitions. Don't believe it? Ask a pro-lifer or faithful politician if Satan uses vague words to his advantage. Fr. Lyons simply stated immodesty is anything "revealing at all, even when you bend over or kneel down." That is a clear, simple definition Satan can't tolerate.

  4. He Clearly Defined The Why.
    "As Christians, we are not to be followers of society's standards, but the standards of Christ." Have you ever heard the line, similar to "Why are you being such a prude?" That's Satan's line and his worldly standard. God calls us to love and defend modesty and purity. Why? Because Purity is not a something, it is a somebody! God is Purity. To reject purity and accept immodesty is to reject Jesus and accept scandal. Remember, as a temple of the Holy Spirit, you are called to be "perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect."

So there it is. One Priest, took courage and formally told his flock to stop mocking our Eucharistic Lord with scandalous immodest dress. In a world longing for courage, Father John Lyons, Oblates of the Virgin Mary, put his foot down and called his faithful to holiness. May God bless Fr. Lyons, the Modesty Priest.

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Shirley said...

Wonderful! Maybe more priests will now get up the courage to address this issue in their own parishes.

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! We need more priests speaking out against immodest dress.

I attended St. Edwards the Confessor Catholic Church in Dana Point last Sunday. I was shocked to see how much skin was showing. I spoke to an older woman with hot pant shorts and a tight plunging tee shirt, sleeveless as she was holding her young elementary age daughters by hand as she walked into Mass. I stopped her and said, "your dress is very distracting and hurts the heart of Jesus." She said, at least I am at Church. She was very offended by my forthright comment. I said, "you are causing men to stumble and you need to talk with a priest." Please be modest in dress." She walked in the Church and received holy communion among a congregation of scantily clad women in beach type clothing... even the lectern readers were in sleeveless short skirts as well as the cantor. I felt great sorrow...