Monday, November 26, 2007

Have You Examined Your Conscience Lately?

Examination of Conscience - Venial Sins

  • Failure to pray regularly

  • Failure to know and study the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • Spiritual laziness

  • Not trusting God will provide

  • Failure to support the mission of the Catholic Church

  • Putting off confession

  • Giving into self-pity and selfishness

  • Using God’s name frivolously

  • Cursing thoughtlessly

  • Speaking badly about Bishops, Priests, and Deacons

  • Being immodest or irreverent in Church

  • Coming to mass late or leaving early habitually

  • Fighting with siblings

  • Disrespectful of those who have rightful authority over us

  • Neglecting our children

  • Lack of gratitude for what God has given us

  • Nagging our spouse or children

  • Meddling in others' business

  • Breaking civil laws like speeding

  • Pride

  • Arrogance

  • Vanity

  • Being stubborn or rude

  • Being prejudiced against race(s)

  • Harboring a grudge

  • Seeking revenge

  • Excessive use of TV, video games, use of cell phones or computer

  • Treating others unfairly

  • Violating trust or friendships

  • Treating others as things

  • Theft of small items

  • Failing to practice charity towards the poor

  • Failing to pay off debts or credit cards

  • Lying, gossiping, stealing another’s reputation

  • Exaggerating the Truth

  • Complaining, criticizing others, whining

And the number one venial sin

to confess this Advent? ? ?

  • Excessive blogging

Examination of Conscience - Mortal Sins


Therese said...

Excessive blogging.

Regularly I confess excessive computer time.

John Michael said...

We've much in common, Therese, of the Aussie Coffee Shop.