Sunday, November 11, 2007

They Just Wouldn't Shut Up!

Do you battle spiritual pride? I do.

Sometimes in my actions, but mainly in my head. My thoughts were screaming spiritual pride this morning. Of course they had to yell in order to be heard. Let me explain...

Finally, We Made It To The Rosary Before Mass!

A small victory for this Bellarmine Blog family. The Rosary was started a little late this morning. You know, no big deal. Well, it started to get loud in the vestibule as more and more people were arriving. That's where my rude thoughts started kicking in. They were loud, really loud. Satan took this time to throw me some self-righteous thoughts. "Don't they know we praying?" My lips prayed. My heart belittled. It was like I was a dog and Satan was throwing me a ball and I would take it and happily run away. Of course the sin is not the thrown ball. Retrieving it is.

Then It Happened.

The Holy Spirit moved! It was a gift. One that humbled me. The third Glorious Mystery was announced. Remember we started late which meant the entire congregation was already in attendance. "The third Glorious Mystery the descent of the Holy Spirit." The second sentence was annouced the entire Church stopped talking as if they rehearsed the day before. The Holy Spirit Did Descend And Gave Us Silence. God is good.

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