Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's Time to Make a Stand - An Open Letter to Catholic Contraceptive Users

Do You Have A Contraceptive Mentality? If So...

Read All Of This!
But First, Stop And Say A Prayer.
Fair Enough?

Bishop: Catholic Disobedience on Contraception has caused "Tremendous Harm to Society"

"In choosing to disobey, you break faith with the Church," warns Bishop Robert Vasa in the Catholic Sentinel. "In that disobedience tremendous harm has been brought to many women. Tremendous harm to marriage. Tremendous harm to family life. Tremendous harm to society."
Did you read that? Does it make sense?

These may sound like silly questions. But Bishop Robert Vasa defined the consequences of the contraceptive mentality very clearly. When the truth is given in a straight-forward manner with a charitable heart, it forces a decision to made.

Either I will serve and obey the Catholic Church, the bride of Christ, or I will not serve and obey and choose to break that relationship. This is the teaching of the Catholic Church.

So Which Master Will You Serve?
"Many Catholics have erroneously determined that the path they should follow is to disobey while trying to convince the Church that Her teaching is erroneous."

Bishop Vasa has correctly pegged the Contraceptive Mentality. How many of us have declared that "The Church needs to get with the times?" As for you and your house, who will you serve?

Yes, this is hard-hitting stuff. But, let me tell you why it is. I chose not to serve. And after repenting and doing penance for seven years it is still a thorn in my side.

"Honey, I love you, but not your fertility."

I lied to her! A straight face, bold lie. You cannot separate the woman from the fertility. The two are one, both Divine gifts. Just like Jesus and His Bride, the Catholic Church. If you take away one you get neither.

After seven years I am still paying for the consequences. Back then it almost cost me my marriage. I had to move out of the house. It was ugly and hurtful.

Now, we are still rebuilding our relationship. The consequences linger for a long time. We still battle trust issues and our frustration levels are still high after seven years. After taking a step back and evaluating the situation it is very clear to see why. Contraception is a selfish lie that tears apart relationships from your spouse and the bride of Christ, the Catholic Church.

There you have it. Your Decision Must Be Made!

Whose House Will You Serve?

Don't be fooled. Not making a decision is a decision in itself. It is hard. I've been there. Take courage! There is Joy out there waiting for you.

Your Brother In Christ,

John Michael

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