Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Department Stores Attack Christmas!

Earlier Than Ever Department Stores
Attack Christmas Spirituality!

Did you see it? It is subtle you know.

Maybe you walked right by it and didn't even notice?

If you made a comment it probably went something like this.

"I can't believe they already have Christmas items up for sale!"
Yep, Christmas items for sale a week before Halloween. Yes, that's crazy. And don't be fooled it is a vicious attack on Christmas. Why you say?

  1. It is subtle. Lucifer knows the light because he was God's brightest angel. So he creates something with a little or a lot of light in it, to lure in new victims. Once he has an inch he can start working on his mile.
  2. Materialistic. If you want to beat a team with a good offense then you better have a good defense. Christmas is a spiritual holiday (observe that the word holiday is from "Holy Day"). What better way to attack it than by excessive materialism.
  3. It is out of season. Like scripture says, there is time for peace, a time for war. A week before Halloween is not the time for Christmas.
So What Do We Do?

Good question. Some simple suggestions will be in the next blogpost.


Therese said...

We had Christmas tree's up here in September. I have told our children that we will not do anything until the start of advent.

John Michael said...

Well done. Sticking with the season the Church establishes makes sense.