Friday, January 30, 2009

You're Responsible For Sharing The Truth

My Dear People,

The World Is Statrving To Hear The Gospel Message

We are in the year of St. Paul the Apostle. This whole year is a great remembrance of all that Paul accomplished in bringing the Good News to the Gentile nations. All of us are responsible for sharing the truth of Jesus Christ with one another. We live in a very depraved and darkened society; lost in the lusts of the world. What better witness can we give, but to share the Light of Christ with everyone. Pope John Paul ll said that we are entering the age of the New Evangelization.

The world is starving to hear the message of the Gospel. To evangelized is to live the truth of Jesus Christ each and everyday. Today's Gospel from St. Mark tells us that the KINGDOM is at hand. All of creation yearns for the completion of the Kingdom in our midst. The Holy Apostles left everything to follow the Lord; homes, jobs, family and friends. In return they shared in the Ministry of Our Lord. What a great grace we have in the Apostles. They guide us still from the Throne of the Heavenly Courts. Ask the Apostles to give you a missionary heart. In doing so, you too will share in the great mission of our Roman Catholic Church.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark

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Marie said...

It is the year of St. Paul and I consider myself a 'Pauline girl' and yet I have done very little to promote this wonderful year of celebration of St. Paul. I will rectify that.

Thanks John Michael:)

Peace to you and your lovely family:)