Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Election Reaped A Bad Fruit

My Dear People,

We Will All Come To Know The JUSTICE Of The Lord.

Throughout the Sacred Scriptures, Our Lord tells us that we are accountable for our individual acts, and our communal acts. This past election reaped the bad fruit of many, many years of choosing death over life. Pope John Paul ll warned the United States, that it was becoming a culture of death. God calls us to be a culture of LIFE. Even Mother Teresa of Calcutta stated many times that America had lost its way and because of rampant abortions, and would suffer future consequences for her immoral choices.

Now we are at that crossroads. As a nation, we have chosen to give our politicians "carta blanche" when it comes to the "ultimate child abuse" ABORTION and CLONING. God never withdraws His Mercy. We preclude it. WE have done so. We are now suffering the consequences of our immoral actions. Pray for the strength to withstand the judgments that is at our doorstep. Even though you may have remained faithful to Our Lord in the voting booth, we will all come to know the JUSTICE of the Lord.

Please pray for a change of heart in our present administration.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark


Marie said...

I think the biggest error being made is a forgetting of God's Justice and an emphasis on God's Mercy but in the wrong sense.

Many thought and still think 'I will vote for Obama because of the economy and then seek God's Mercy for my action.' Or the thought is, 'I can do this wrong action and then just go to Confession.'..That thinking is an ABUSE of God's Mercy! God is NOT Father Christmas! And we ALL will be held accountable for our choices and decisions...

This is a very good post John Michael:). Our opposition party leader has already said he is 'Pro-Choice' and he is 'catholic' he wont be getting MY vote!

Peace to you:)


Anonymous said...

Yes, the good will be martyred while the bad will be punished. The servant is not greater than the master. Already the winds of persecution blow across this bloody landscape of "choice".

We will first be hit with the "green" martyrdom which involves the necessities of life. Monetary retribution is already here for our faithfulness to Christ our King.

When B. Hussein Obama signs the FOCA, it will be the first official state action against the catholic faith. The homosexual movement's wishes are also being catered to and will further enbolden our enemies.

Strap yourselves in tight with your rosary beads folks! This is gonna be a rough ride.


Fiat Voluntas Tua

Marie said...

As I said on one blog voting for Obama was not making history it was making tragedy! How could 'christians' vote for someone SO Pro-Death! It stupefies me! *shakes my head*

Peace to you always:)


Shirley said...

It's the end of an era and the beginning of a long path of the destruction of morals and values. When this generation grows old and sees that there are no young people alive to fill their shoes, perhaps then they will realise just how destructive these political policies are.