Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Then Comes the Time of Great Peace

My Dear People,

Great Peace Before The Coming of Our Lord?

What are the "end of days" in Sacred Scripture? Many of the readings on the final few Sundays of the year address the issue of the end of time. this is not the same as the end of the world. Jesus says that in "those days" many will abandon the practice of their faith. Great divisions will arise in the Church. Public figures will announce that "they" are the Messiah. There will be wars and rumors of wars, but it is not the end. Like a woman in labor, ready to give birth, the world will undergo great stress. Sudden and swift disaster will overtake them. They will not escape.

But the time will be cut short for the sake of the "remnant faithful". St. John says that satan will be bound in chains, and placed in the lowest part of Hell. Then comes the time of Great Peace. All of this must take place first before the very end, according to Our Lord. Only the Father in Heaven knows the day and hour. So be "sober and alert". May the Master find you ready when He returns. We are not of night or the darkness, but we are children of the light. Pray to be ready and prepared for the coming of that day. May we use our talents wisely, always striving hear Our Lord whisper to us "Well done, My Good and Faithful Servant. Come, Share your Master's Joy."

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark

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