Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brave Talk From A Brave Priest

"Three Wise Men" Regarding “Bishops Struggle as Flock Balks at Voting Guidance” (Nov. 16):

Did Catholic voters ignore their bishops this election season? Clearly, most did. But that’s only part of the picture.Although the Roman Catholic vote went for the anti-life presidential candidate nationally (54% to 45%), two battleground states bucked the national trend: MO (45 - 55%) and PA (48 - 52% ) The difference? These states boasted the most outspoken pro-life bishops in the country: Bishops Robert Hermann and Robert Finn in MO and Joseph F. Martino in Pa. These 3 men were among the few bishops nationally who clearly, unwaveringly and repeatedly instructed Catholics to not vote for anti-life candidates. Their words clearly had an effect. If all the Catholic bishops in the US had shown the courage of Bishops Hermann, Finn and Martino, the Catholic vote would have swung pro-life and with it, perhaps the nation.

Rev. Noah Waldmann | St. Charles, MO

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