Saturday, December 20, 2008

Former Seminarian Tragically Dies

A family friend lost their oldest son in a tragic accident. A former seminarian, John Paul was 20 years old and the oldest of 13 kids. The Forget family is one of the most beautiful families I have ever met.

Your prayers are appreciated.

The post comes from St. Louis Catholic and is written by a reader updating wrong information reported by the St. Louis Post.

My son has known John Paul since their high school years and reconnected with him this past fall when John Paul transferred to the same college. He knows everyone that was involved in the accident and the entire Benedictine college community is devastated by what has happened;

Here is how it happened!

which is ......... As they were driving over the MO bridge, the car they were in hit a patch of black ice and spun around so that they were facing oncoming traffic. In the process, the car hit the guardrail which took out the headlights. It was their decision to get out of the car at that point since oncoming traffic was not going to be able to see the car without its lights working.

Because there are no shoulders to pull a car over on a Missouri Bridge, there also isn't a safe place to WALK to safety. They chose to go over to the other side of the guardrail and walk the narrow path between the guardrail and the edge of the bridge.Unfortunately, John Paul lost his footing as he finished going over the guardrail and FELL - not jumped - into the river below. Those with him witnessed his fall, saw him hit the water, and heard his cry for help afterward. It is the last they saw and heard from their friend who was headed home for the Christmas Holiday.

The story is heart-breaking in and of itself. It is even more disgraceful that the story cannot be reported correctly. Our prayers continue to be with John Paul, the Forget family, the friends that were with him, and all those affected by this tragedy. His soul bears an extraordinary light whether it is in this world or waiting for us in the next.

Please email this prayer request to your friends.


Esther said...

JM, how tragic! May he rest in peace. I will keep his family in my prayers.

Therese said...

what a tragedy JM. I will certainly keep the family in my prayers.

John Michael said...

Thank you! God bless you.

Anonymous said... reports that his mortal remains have been found:
May he rest in peace.