Monday, December 8, 2008

Brown Scapular Miracle!

A Brown Scapular Miracle

Discover How This Brown Scapular
Story Stopped a Fire Dead In It's Tracks

Some missionaries from Perigueux
were preaching a mission in 1656, at Saint
Aulay, a town in Saintonge. A fire broke
out in a house about ten o'clock 'at night,
and raged with such violence, that a great
number of the inhabitants collected on the
spot to give all the help they could under the

Among the crowd was aworthy clergyman,
who (recollecting that atPerigueux, about
twenty years before, a great fire had been
miraculously extinguished by a Scapular,
which event had been inquired into, and attested
by the magistrateof the town), desired a
young man, remarkable for his faith and
piety to take off his Scapular to throw it
into the midst of the flames. The priest
added, "that the fire will be soon extinguished
through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin."

The young man hastened to obey and threw
his Scapular into the part of the fire where
it was raging most violently. At the same
moment the flames seemed to ascend like a
whirlwind, and the fire ceased burning. The Scapular
was found intact on the following day, in
the midst of the burnt remains of the house.

The miracle was so apparent, that some Calvinists
who were present, said among them
selves, "that young man is a sorcerer," while
the Catholics, on the other hand, praised
God, and admired the virtue of the Scapular.

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