Saturday, October 25, 2008

They Kicked Me Out Of Seminary School

Learning about the troubles honest seminarians went through really takes one by surprise. There is much more deception within the priesthood than we really like admit. This election is really a sign on how deep that deception is. Of course there are many priest not living in lies, but fear.

Dear God, grant a new fire of courageous truth to flood your priest and seminarians.

Read this story of one person's struggles in Seminary School.
"My own experience of Seminary mirrors what I am sure others went through. Managing to finish the Minor Seminary, I interviewed for the Major Seminary, but encountered many obstacles that my brother seminarians who were of a particular liturgical bend did not have. When asking about learning Latin, I eventually had to learn what little I could on my own. Even there were priests who were trained in Latin, and taught it before, you could not loose a Latin word from their lips. Learning Latin, and certainly trying to learn of our patrimony in the form of the Traditional Mass was verboten. Our vocations director at the time was a good man for the most part, but would not but in a good word for you if some one on the screening committee determined that one was not “keeping up with the Church in the Modern age.”

I would have like to have learned if I could further discern my vocation through the process, but any hope of at least having the opportunity to do so was squashed by the screening committee, not by voting and saying I was unfit, but by reports of “immaturity,and perhaps unable to work with women.” That report went to the Vocations Director, and despite his knowing me and my family for several years beforehand, he did not challenge it. And I was not recommend to continue on to the Major Seminary.

I pray that my children have a vocation to the religious life and thank the Lord that now we can look at Traditional orders through such venues as the Internet. My vocation was killed, I pray that perhaps my children will look to orders such as the Royal Heart of Jesus, the Institute of Christ the King, or the FSSP."

Comment by Un Mexicano Tradicional

This is a comment made on Father Z blog. My reactions to this post is A Battle for the Seminarians Soul.

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