Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Battle For the Seminarians Soul

Once upon a time, good faithful seminarians were either expelled from seminaries or lived hiding their Orthodox beliefs. Fr. Mark, Your Catholic Sunday Homily, said many times while teaching.

"Mom, I don't know what these people are teaching me? I am sticking with the Catholic Church you taught me."

The other statement was.

"When I was ordained and took the vow of obedience, I had to disobey everything I was taught in seminary."

Do you have a hippie aged priest? Pray for them. I can only imagine how bad I would have turned out being authoritatively taught a false gospel. Here is what Father Z had to say about his seminary life.

"This is certainly the case in the USA as well. The seminary I was in the US was a hell-hole of heresy and sheer dopiness. But then the student body began to shift. The faculty simply couldn’t throw that many guys out, and word was getting back to bishops about how bad things were there. Slowly but surely the student body changed the seminary, and eventually the bishop made some changes as well, good ones. Now that seminary is for the most part sound. The aging hippies now openly lament the loss of their 60’s dreams and mutter gloomy warnings about how "conserrrrrvativvvve" the seminarians now are."

Scary stuff. But the tide is changing. Father Groeschel, EWTN Priest, said in a recent poll of people entering the religious life, 98% are looking for Orthodox orders.

Praise the Lord!

Let us renew our commitment to pray for our priest and religious.

May God have Mercy on us.


Marie said...

John Michael:)
well the Holy Spirit is surely working. I just posted a piece on 'Designer faith' and a particular Parish in Queensland that is behaving outrageously and have been reprimanded by their Bishop.

Thanks for bringing this integral issue up...Secularism is truly gaining a lot of ground in Australia:).

Peace to you John Michael:)

Marie:) God bless you.

Easter A. said...

Hi John Michael,
Just what we need to hear. This surely brings me hope as I have consecrated my 2 boys to God to become his priests. It is now entirely up to God, of course. Orthodox is good.
God be praised!