Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Saint Bellarmine Secrets Pursuit To Holiness. . ."

Saint Bellarmine had a secret to his holiness. This great scholar through prayer and extensive research learned these secrets the hard way. Here at Saint Bellarmine Blogspot we will unveil these mysteries to the universe.

So, do you know that one of St. Bellarmine's hidden secrets to reach the highest peaks of holiness is. . .

Well, what do you think?

It actually isn't a hidden secret at all. Righteous Kings did this publicly in the Old Testament. Saint Robert Bellarmine mastered it imitating the lives of the saints.

Heck, King David did this secret so well that drunkards and gate keepers ruthlessly ridiculed him through song for doing it. That's' kinda odd don't ya think? Or is it?

We are not talking about prayer, or alms giving or "kumbya love." Nope.

What is it? ? ?

Well, for one it is not a secret. A better way to say it would be "one of the most rejected keys to holiness. . . " Why? Why is something that was practiced in the Old Testament, then shown to us by Jesus Christ Himself and we also have shining examples in the lives of the saint's like St. Bellarmine, St. Ignatius, St. John Vianney, etc . . . be a secret or worse yet rejected by the Catholic faithful?


Let me answer by asking you a question. Did you notice the word that comes after the adjective highest in the second paragraph? Yeap, that's right, PEAK! If I recall correctly, to climb a mountain and reach the peak takes a lot of sacrifice, hard work and suffering. Those words make people cringe.

Hmmm? Jesus climbed a peak, didn't He? A little peak called Golgotha.

Do you remember how many followed Him?

So, this not so secret, secret; is so little known because it is not glamourous. It is not understood. It's only taught during Lent (hint, hint). It requires self-discipline and self-sacrifice. It requires work (and that is a four letter word).

This secret is called FASTING, a form of penance.

And St. Robert Bellarmine, like St. Paul before him, bummeled his body in order to subdue. And the fruit of this sacrifice is everlasting.

In our next Saint Robert Bellarmine BlogSpot we will dive deeper into fasting and unlock the mystery known as fasting.

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