Thursday, July 19, 2007

About St. Robert Bellarmine's Blog

Good Day,

The purpose of Saint Robert Bellarmine's Blog is to share his life, spiritual writings, struggles, secrets and much more . . .

Did you know that even though St. Bellarmine is a Doctor of the Church most of his writings have been hidden for over 400 years. Many of his works are still in Latin.

This must change. It is time for St. Bellarmine's spiritual writings to arise from darkness.

Stay tuned as we go on an exciting adventure learning about this great Doctor of the Church.

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St. Robert Bellarmine life has to offer.


Michael said...

Found your link on Catholic Answers Forum and I'm looking forward to reading this blog.

John, The Evangelist said...

Thanks Michael,

I look forward sharing Saint Robert Bellarmine's spiritual writings and insight.

I am especially excited about revealing his Catholic Apologetics works.

Linda said...

Hello, I was given "word of knowledge" to pray to St. Bellarmin for the gift of piety. My search has brought me only "facts" per sey. Can you share some insight on his piety and why I should pray to him? I did say a novena...


John Michael said...

Thanks, Linda.

The goal of this blog is for us to all grow spiritually by learning as much as we can about this beloved Saint.