Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thank You St. Robert Bellarmine!

Two Unexpected Answered Prayers on St. Robert Bellarmine's Feast Day

We were very pleasantly surprised to have two long-standing electrical issues resolved today. The first was the clicking noise in the car, which finally stopped clicking and made a loud boom! When we located the area of the problem, our neighbor comes running up to help us. He fixed it in under 15 minutes! It would have taken me all day to not figure out the problem, much less how to fix it....

The next solution involved my asking my brother-in-law about how to install an electrical outlet on our back porch. Next thing I know, he asks a few questions and says he'll be over shortly. The bonus is that he just so happened to have all of the necessary supplies on hand. This sort of saddens me, I was becoming accustomed to the orange extension cord run under the back door and into our kitchen.

The best part of the day was being able to share our son's Name Day brownies and ice cream with my sister, brother-in-law and their children! And a picture of our little Robert, who is all-too-rapidly approaching his first birthday!

These are my two St. Ignatius babies. Gianna was born on St. Ignatius' Feast Day and... well, you can probably figure out where we came up with Robert's name.

God bless you all and may St. Robert Bellarmine's intercession keep us all plugged in to the Divine Light.

God bless you!
John Michael

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