Friday, September 17, 2010

A Free St. Robert Bellarmine Rosary Book

With This Weapon!

The Hidden Secrets of the Rosary

By St. Robert Bellarmine, Today his is feast day.

With This Weapon! The Hidden Secrets of the Rosary - St. Bellarmine - This is a free book by St. Bellarmine which I edited. Share and enjoy. It is really a good read.

Here is a sample.

The Fruit of the Rosary

I can recall a little chapel where you may often see a royal queen and a
lowly peasant addressing the same prayers to the same Mary, Queen of
the Rosary. We find instances in history where the Christian soldier,
defeated in his struggle for faith and fatherland, has turned the tide of
battle by an appeal to Mary of the Rosary. We see the great O'Connell
wincing under the fiery eloquence of his opponent, but preparing himself
by reciting the Rosary for that grand effort of his which procured hope
for the country he loved full well, and freedom for the Church he loved
better still. Besides these victories, who will recount its spiritual
conquests, the hardened hearts moved to repentance, the despairing souls
it has snatched from the edge of hell and returned to God! Ultimately, it
is the badge of the noblest of God's creatures, of the gentle Sisters of
Charity on the battlefield and in the hospital, and of the intrepid
missionaries in the wilderness.

The Rosary; Friend or Foe

Brethren, do we appreciate the full value of this devotion? Are we its
friends or are we its enemies? We are, you say, its friends, But alas! as
many a man will say: "I am a Catholic, but I cannot say I practice my
religion." So many of us will have to say: "I approve of the Rosary, but I
cannot say I practice it." To each I say equally: "Stuff and nonsense;
there is no Catholic but a practical Catholic, and there is no friend of the
Rosary but he who practices it often and well." "He that is not with me is
against me," is not less true of Christ than it is of the Church and the

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