Friday, February 27, 2009

God Is Removing His Protection

My Dear People,

Sodom & Gomorrah Move Over

As we approach Lent 2009, we recognize the overwhelming need for penance and repentance; if not for ourselves, especially of all the newly elected pro-abortionists. Sodom and Gomorrah were completely destroyed for much less. When God corrects us, we should not be surprised. He is already beginning the correction through our pocketbooks. With all the layoffs, job losses, and home foreclosures, Almighty God is sending a very clear message. WE ARE NOT THE BOSS? HE IS...

He will continue to remove His holy protection from us as a nation, and we will continue to see the effects of our sins of abortion, cloning, pornography, infidelity in marriage and apostasy... What exactly will it take for us to repent as a nation? 911 was apparently not enough. A greater evil than 911 is in store for us, lest we turn away from our evildoing. "Who but God can forgive sins?" This is the question posed in Mark's Gospel today. The scribes were asking where Jesus' authority came from, and who did He think He was. To show them the Father's authority was manifested through Him, Jesus healed the paralytic. All glorified God and gave Him praise. If Jesus could heal the paralytic's infirmity, He can heal the infirmity of our nation. Pray for the healing of our country, before it is too late!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark


Easter A. said...

John Michael,
I interviewed Fr. John Speekman and featured his answers on my blog dedicated to priests. I invite you to come and read his response and comment on his blog to acknowledge his priesthood and blogging efforts... if you wish. I really appreciate this.
I continue to pray for you and your family.

Shirley said...

I too believe that God isn't going to allow such an evil society to flourish for much longer. I sometimes think that there aren't enough devout people left in the world to be strong enough in prayer to turn the tide of His wrath.So many Catholics don't practice their faith or even believe in the teachings of Holy Church; but we are not to despair- only to hope and pray and do as much as we individually can.

John Michael said...


I have been looking forward to that interview. I am honored at your request.


I hear you. Thank God he can use only a few to sanctify many. Hopefully, we are part of that few.


Easter A. said...

John Michael,
I had no idea. I thank you so much and please forgive me for not posting it right away. I had some very important things to do. I also had the chance to attend a retreat, which to me, was very rejuvenating.
I thank you once again.
You are in my daily prayers, dear brother!

Marie said...

WOW John Michael:)
I wrote my piece before coming here and it is along the same lines.

Why do so many treat God as if he is 'Father Christmas?' God is Almighty and Majestic and He is our Father who disciplines us so that we will become reflections of His Divine Son.

Wonderful piece, thank you:).

Peace and Blessings to you & your family:)


Easter A. said...

John Michael,

God's blessings be upon you and your precious family!

I thank you for leaving a comment about Fr. John's response. I really appreciate it!

John Michael said...


I see we are at it again. When I posted on Ash Wednesday, I noticed we used the same picture.


You're welcome! It was my pleasure.